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Cavity Wax Application

End-to-end cavity protection solutions achieving optimum utilization of wax.

In automotive manufacturing, cavities are coated with wax to effectively protect the car body from corrosion. Cavity wax provides a barrier to corrosive media such as salt, dirt, dust and humidity.

Patvin provides a comprehensive turnkey solution for Cavity wax application, comprising of the following:

Wax Feed System

The wax feed system is designed to achieve predefined wax dispense at an application Temperature set value +/- 2 Deg C . A variance above +/- 2 Deg C will call for a Production Halt /warning.

The system mainly comprises of a jacketed tank, pneumatic pump and a cartridge filter.

Temperature control: The Main Function of this system is to maintain the Wax temperature within +/- 2 Deg C. The system incorporates PLC based master control panel which accepts temperature input from PT-100 installed in wax line & controls Hot/Cold water. 

Pipe Network & Distribution: Temperature conditioned wax is circulated throughout the system via high pressure SS 304 pipes. The piping network is designed to ensure smooth flow of material with least/No retention areas. All Wax Pipes are Insulated using ARMAFLEX Insulation of Appropriate thickness to maintain the desired operating temperatures.

Highly-precise metering reduces wax consumption: A flow meter provides feed Back of precise volume to be dispensed from wax gun. This significantly reduces the required shot volume, and cuts material, cleaning, and disposal costs.


Manual Cavity wax application:

An encoding spray gun is used to manually coat hollow spaces with liquid conserving wax. By actuating the trigger, an electrical pulse is generated and transmitted to the connected control cabinet. The gun has encoder housing which detects magnetically coded nozzles & provides signal to PLC to activate predefined program. Special Nozzles are designed as per contour/cavity to achieve a maximum coverage of wax in the box sections of the vehicles.

The in-house development and manufacture of nozzles allows us to achieve maximum quality for openings and geometries.

All components feature exceptional precision and reliability in continuous operation and can achieve perfect coating results.

Automated Under Body Cavity Wax application:

Our automation system for under body cavity wax, featuring fixed nozzles reduces labour requirements and speeds up the cycle time. The machine aligns itself to the car body using servo driven X-Y assembly allowing the entire under body cavities in one go. The cycle time is approximately 50 secs.

Our Under body cavity wax technology delivers maximum performance and increased efficiency. We use our versatile expertise to configure a customized system for your car body.

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