Understanding Cavity Wax Application

12May 2019

10/05/2019 | Reshma Sinha

The need:

As important Cavity protection is for one’s dental health, same it is for a vehicle’s healthy life cycle. A vehicle body has several cavities, that might allow corrosive media such as water to enter the body. Protecting internal metal parts of vehicles from rust and corrosion has been a challenge for many manufacturers, due to the odd geometry of vehicle parts.

Though car bodies, undergo several coating processes in a paint shop, the coating material does not reach the cavities inside the car body.

The solution:

To make them corrosion resistant, layers of wax are applied inside the interiors of the parts, which is referred to as cavity wax application. Cavity wax provides a barrier to corrosive media such as salt, dirt, dust and humidity.

Each vehicle has around 60 to 70 specifically designed holes across the body – on the rocker panel, under the doors, in the hood, wheels, trunk and so on. As the last process in the paint shop after coating, liquid wax is sprayed into each of these holes using lean guns that respectively fit to each opening.

Technologies in use

Cavity protection can be carried out manually, using robots or statically with automated systems.

In a manual system, wax is applied manually by an operator using a gun usually with a specially designed nozzle for each hole. Some of these systems apply automation to eliminate operator error and make the system smart enough to identify the right nozzle for the right hole. The spray gun is attached to a device that recognizes which nozzle to use and which hole to spray in. The operator must change nozzles for different access points. The nozzle design gives a well distributed spray inside each cavity.

Robotic wax application systems are also available, offering better cycle time than the manual, with advantages of less waste and better quality. However robotic systems can be very expensive and further need a high maintenance.

For underbody cavities, an intermediate solution is a static automated system featuring fixed nozzles that penetrate all the underbody cavities. With reduced labour requirements, faster cycle time and being more economical as compared to robots, these systems offer all the advantages that a robotic system offers except the flexibility of using it for different car bodies. A static system is designed only specific to a certain car model.

Another wax application technology called flooding is also used but only on floodable car bodies. In this method, heated flooding wax is pushed into the cavities of the car body with nozzles. The car body is then lifted and tilted, to allow the wax to further spread across the cavities. Excessive wax is collected in a tank for reuse. However, this method utilizes more amount of wax than other automated systems.

What must you look for in a Cavity wax system?

  • Optimum utilization of wax.
  • Faster Cycle time.
  • An economical system that would pay back faster.
  • Ease of maintenance.

Patvin’s solutions for Cavity wax application

Patvin’s provides a comprehensive turnkey solution for cavity wax, delivering maximum performance and increased efficiency. We use our versatile expertise to configure a customized system for your car body. 

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