Manual or Auto Colour changing?

04Apr 2019
01-03-2019 | Mangesh Pawar

A color change is the course of shifting from one colour to another in a paint application process. The same must be achieved by purging of one color from the paint applicator and the charging of a second color.

Colour changes can have a critical effect on the quality, quantity, waste, and maintenance and hence can considerably impact the overall productivity of a paint process.

Whether a manual color change or an automatic color change, this article can guide you towards making the right choice!

Colour change time

During a colour change the painting process is at a halt, so longer the colour change time, lesser is the output of your painting process bringing down your total productivity. It is observed that, in automated systems, typical color change times are one second per foot of paint hose from the color valve stack to the applicator, while manual systems can vary extensively. With an automated design, faster colour change times can be achieved. An integrated color changer and cleaning system that starts at the last trigger off can save 5 to 10 seconds of cycle time.

Repeatability, Ease and Waste recovery

Automatic color changes must to be designed to purge and load the lines efficiently and repeatably, with consistent, smooth & seamless color change. Also, the design should be such that the system can be easily introduced into an existing paint system. Except for a paint push out, all material used during a manual color change is waste and requires to be disposed of. In automatic color changes, the discharge system automatically separates and isolates the original paint from the new color paint, so that the purged paint may be collected in a segregated container and re-used. Paint is an expensive material and recovering the same can enable huge savings.

Manual Vs. Automatic Color Changing

Before the emergence of smarter technologies for colour changes, industries depended on human labour to implement color changes. Many facilities even today rely on the operator for colour change. While this can seem like an economical solution at the first instance, it can add to your total production cost in many ways. Primarily, manual color change can be heavily time consuming than automatic colour change increasing cycle times. Further, there is always a possibility of faulty colour selection by the operator, especially in close shades. Next, the operational cost of a manual system is much higher than an automatic color change system. The increase in labour costs, material costs, and waste management can be substantially large. Also, the quality of the color change can be uncertain in every cycle.

Patvin’s RECOCLEAN system for Recovery + Cleaning

Patvin brings you an intelligent solution for colour change, a pig-less paint push-back system placed between the color change units and the atomizer. RECOCLEAN uses dry air to push back paint from the Atomizer to the Color Changer and clean the fluid line including build-in components.

Why RecoClean?

Eliminate color selection error, achieve 94% reduction of material wastage and minimal colour change time, less than 5 secs with Patvin’s RECOCLEAN system. Fast reliable, upgradeable and user friendly, our color change systems can be used with most automatic and manual painting devices. Compact, space saving modular design reduces clutter within the booth. Color change command is obtained from the color selection panel with zero color change time. Clever recovery of paint during the color change, saves paint and other solvents.

Virtually service free, the systems are design for a long operating life.


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