Cobots in Indian Manufacturing Units

01Jul 2021
Cobots in India

Automate your shop floor and increase productivity by 85%

During these tough times, all manufacturing companies are going through the common problem everywhere mainly with Labor shortage, maintaining social distancing, space issues, low productivity against unpredictable market demands, high resource/ raw material wastage, quality issues like less accuracy, repetitive human errors, huge investment in safety, etc. Are you facing these issues too? If yes, read on.

We have been talking to several of our privileged clients lately and probed on what they have been doing to tackle these problems really? And we found out that among many other things, Indian manufacturers have learnt to beat the uncertainties with many modern technological advancements in the current assembly line set-up, where they share the workspace between human and robots in a safe way (and with major benefits apart from the cost.)

Yes, we are talking about man and machine collaboration. Not the heavy industrial robots, but the easy and compact option.

We are talking about lightweight and easy to use Collaborative Robots. Unlike traditional industrial robots – cobots arm are safe, flexible, quick to deploy, and help eliminate the organic risks to workers. There collaborative nature makes them simple and affordable to enable partial automation, even in areas previously considered difficult to automate.

Manufacturer’s dream come true

Known as Cobots, Collaborative Robots are automated solutions designed to complete monotonous, repetitive, boring and physically demanding tasks at the manufacturing unit. They can be integrated with existing machinery and other robots through PLCs and sophisticated programming software. Typically, Cobots work alongside the human workforce, making their jobs easier that enhances human-robot collaboration resulting in reduced human errors, increased output, and improved efficiency across the board.

They allow companies to use their skilled manpower force (who have now become the part of the ‘scarce resources’) for more valuable and productive work.

"COBOTS have proven to be 85% more productive than a human or robot alone"

COBOTS can be used at various assembly line applications, such as –

Unleash the power of technology!

Given the current changing economic landscape, manufacturers need a dynamic solution that’s future proof and has the competitive advantages too. And that is the sole reason why Cobots are gaining popularity in all Indian industries.

Let us understand in brief some of the benefits of Cobots in Indian Manufacturing set-ups that’s cost saving:

  • Eliminate labor dependency
  • Increased productivity & consistency with improved cycle time
  • Improved quality with high accuracy & repeatability
  • Improved flexibility
  • Operates on single Phase Power supply.
  • Does not requires safety fences/ cages, consuming less project space.
  • Small footprint
  • Zero maintenance
  • Less rejection rate

Why Patvin Solutions?

Patvin collaborates with Universal Robots to provide Collaborative Robots for various industrial applications. Over the couple of years Patvin has experienced and proven itself in the field of Collaborative robots and can provide customized solutions for varied applications.

Patvin’s customized Collaborative robotic Solutions have emerged as a powerful resource for Indian manufacturers facing critical business pain points. Designed for precision and consistency, our Cobots enable our customers create a flawless final product. Top it up with the expertise of 33 years of providing engineering automation solutions and a skilled team available 24x7 to tend to the queries, if any. 

Think it through. And think again…What’s your need of an hour? To secure your business needs in such a way that it tackles the future uncertainties of the evolving times and to make sure your business profits are unaffected with it. Yes, that’s every manufacturer’s dream. If that is your dream too, CONTACT US to talk to our automation expert right now. 


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