Advantages of Piggable Paint System

10May 2019
26/03/2019 | Shashikant Katelia 

The Paint industry has been getting increasingly competitive & demanding. Owing to the growing variety of paints, not only special and customer specific but also small batches of paint for try out or special colours like anniversary editions need to be applied.

This creates a need for a process that enables efficient and quick cleaning of paint lines. The simplest process that fulfils this critical demand is the Pigging process.

What is Pigging?

In the paint industry, Pigging refers to the process of cleaning Paint feed lines using an object known as "pig" to efficiently empty the paint lines with minimum consumption of solvents, either for charging a different coloured material or to perform various maintenance operations.

Why Pigging?

Same paint line can be used for different /unlimited colors

There is a limitation of space in Paint Kitchens/ Paint Mix rooms and it is not feasible to have unlimited number of Paint Feeding systems, which further limits the possibility to offer a wider choice of colors to end customers.

These limitations can be overcome by Pigging systems that enable the possibility to offer unlimited colors to our end customers without investing into dedicated paint supply lines and without increasing CCV’s in the robot.

Faster cleaning time

The cleaning is done by a product called “pig”, which moves at a very high speed inside the paint line along with air and minimal amount of solvent, appreciably reducing the cycle time.

Conventional Vs. Pigging system

Before the development of piggable paint systems, paint shops needed individual lines and systems for each colour, but now with the use of pigging system we can achieve multiple benefits.

Capital expenditure (capex) is very less since dedicated paint lines are not required.

System is environment friendly as it takes very less amount of solvent. 99% of flushing is done by the pig, reducing the disposal cost.

Quick colour change can be done on dead-end lines also. • Requires less space since different system for different colour is not required.

Reduces paint loss during colour changes while pushing back the paint to containers for re-use.

Patvin’s Piggable Paint System

Patvin’s innovation in Pigging technology is a unique combination of Dual/Single Pig system. It is a modular Paint supply system featuring pigging technology that can be deployed for water and solvent-based paint applications, capable of delivering multiple colour with minimum colour change time and predefined amount of solvent.

Patvin has always contributed towards the sustainability of the environment with environment friendly innovations. Every solution by Patvin is designed with a special impetus in controlling environmental waste by effective use and recovery of raw materials, also increasing productivity.

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