Improve Quality and Efficiency while you automate your industrial processes with superior robotic integrated systems.

Over the years Patvin has experienced and proven itself in the field of Robotic integrated systems and can provide customized solutions for varied applications like Painting, Sealant dispensing and Glass gluing. Designed for precision and consistency, our robotic systems enable our customers create a flawless final product.

Association with Universal Robots

Patvin partners with Universal Robots as their authorised distributor, to provide Collaborative robots (Cobots) for a range of industrial applications as follows:

  • Pick and Place
  • Packing and Palletizing
  • Machine Tending
  • Gluing and Dispensing
  • Assembly
  • Screw driving
  • Quality Inspection

With collaborative robots from Universal Robots, we can automate virtually anything, we mean virtually anything, from assembly and screw driving to labelling, from pick and place to packaging, from injection moulding to welding and whatever other processing tasks. The cobot arms are viable for small-batch and mixed-product assembly.

Why install a Collaborative Robot?

Universal Robots Cobots have proven to be 85% more productive than a human or robot alone. (MIT study done at the BMW plant – read here)

Patvin can help you integrate a cobot into your production assembly.

Our experts assess the technical and economic feasibility of cobots within your industrial process to design a customized solution that meets your system needs.

Our advanced testing capabilities allow us to create a dummy environment that duplicates your production environment. Further, we share with you a conceptual design including all the specifications, of a suitable cobot application, without you having to disturb your own production assembly.

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e-Series Specifications

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